We are a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai school aiming to teach self-defense tactics, self-confidence tools, and healthier living principles through curriculum-based training within an encouraging and supportive atmosphere.



Our Story

Marissa and I moved from Maine to Massachusetts back in 2012 to open The Drum Shop North Shore. We've spent the last four years building up a retail store and educational center in the Greater Boston Area. Now we're shifting our focus toward another passion - teaching others the value of self-defense through the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Please swing by to see how we can best serve you! -Nate

our approach

methods - 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is often taught through a series of disconnected movements causing the student to spend years figuring out how to connect the pieces themselves. We teach classes as a series of connected movements that are commonly strung together. We use a rotating curriculum consisting of 12 basic and 20 intermediate classes ensuring the student is exposed to our entire white belt curriculum in just 32 classes. This expedites the learning process giving the student a more direct path toward mastery of the art. For experienced grapplers, our advanced classes build upon those principles to take a deeper look at key positions, submissions, escapes, and throws. 

Testing - 

We believe that technique should be tested. To advance in rank, you must display your BJJ knowledge at our quarterly tests. Each stripe (degree) is earned through a display of technical proficiency. Although this can be a scary process for some, it is also one of the best team-building exercises you will witness.

*Testing is required for promotion but not for participation in our program*

Promotions - 

We promote students after they have received four stripes (degrees) in their current rank and have displayed the attributes of the next belt level. The process from one belt to the next can take months or years depending on the student's tenacity, technical ability, and attitude. Most practitioners spend 10-15 years in the art before attaining their black belt.

Belt levels - 

White Belt: At this level the practitioner will focus on the acquisition of techniques. This is the belt of self-defense. Once you attain the knowledge and confidence to defend yourself, you will find that you rarely need - or even want - to fight outside of the gym.

Blue Belt: At this level the practitioner will focus on stringing techniques together. The student begins to look, move, and feel like a martial artist. They have a catalog of throws, escapes, pins, and submissions at their disposal. They start to explore the sport side of BJJ (fighting with the absence of strikes) and begin to create their own fighting style.

Purple Belt: This belt level focuses on the acquisition of techniques that aren't featured on the white belt curriculum. The student has the freedom to pursue their own style so long as they don't lose the basics. This belt tends to be the flashiest and most daring of them all. The fighter becomes dangerous in their pursuit of combination attacks with the ability to quickly escape any bad situation. 

Brown Belt: This belt level shifts the focus back on what works best and most consistently for the practitioner. Brown belts are most concerned with refining their technique and teaching the art to others. This is a time for finishing, tightening up, and remaining more humble than ever in pursuit of the next rank.

Black Belt: This is the belt of mastery - yet also the belt of new beginnings. The Black Belt must remain humble and recognize that he/she is at the bottom of the totem pole yet again. The level of a freshly-minted black belt cannot touch the nuanced technique of a seasoned jiu-jitsu fighter like Marcelo Garcia, Travis Stevens, or Roger Gracie. The black belt must be a leader inside and outside of the gym. Others will look up to him/her as an example of character, discipline, and leadership. 

The Staff


Nate started his training under the direction of Jay Jack at The Academy in Portland, Maine. It was under Jay's tutelage that he learned the importance of having a complete jiu-jitsu repertoire rather than being a specialist in a few key areas. Nate caught the bug early and graduated from white to purple belt in a little over two years. After moving to Massachusetts, he trained at several different schools, but mainly at North Shore Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu where he earned his brown belt. He spent many early mornings with Liam McGeown exploring every technique under the sun. While on the road, he would train with BJJ legends including Marcelo Garcia, Robert Drysdale, and John Danaher. Nate eventually found his home at Fuji Gym where he is currently on the teaching staff and training under 3x Olympian Travis Stevens - a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and Olympic Silver Medalist in Judo.



Born and raised in Beverly, Massachusetts, Peter has been an athlete and coach in some capacity all his life. He fell in love with MMA early on - especially the stand-up aspect. He started learning Muay Thai at Kru Mark DellaGrotte's Sityodtong gym in Somerville. Peter also trained at Dragon Within, North Shore Sityodyong with Kru Neil Legallo, boxing with Tommy McInerney (boxing coach for many Bruins players), and North Shore Muay Thai Academy with Kru Marc Meltzer. Peter started his coaching career at NSMTA training up-and-coming fighters. With the closing of this beloved school and the realization of his new passion of teaching, Peter is excited to continue teaching and training at Collective Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai. 


volunteer staff

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Liam mcgeowen 

david pasquarelli

andrew jacobs

johnny hurley


The Classes

Ramp up! - Kid's classes (ages 4-6) -Tuesday & Thursday @ 4:30pm 

The aim of this 30-minute class is to build functional movement through fun and interactive games. We strive to make jiu-jitsu a pleasant and social experience so they will want to continue to train for years to come. Your kids will learn solid BJJ techniques that will translate into self-defense and bully-proofing applications. 

Lil' pups - kid's classes (ages 7-9) - Tuesday & Thursday @ 5pm

The focus of this 40-minute class will be functional movements, bully-proofing techniques, self-discipline, character-building, and fun! We will divide our time between warming up, acquiring self-defense techniques, and getting a solid workout. Safety is paramount and stressed throughout every session. Your kids will walk away feeling energized and accomplished after each class. 

big pups - Kid's classes (ages 10-14) - Tuesday & Thursday @ 5:40pm

Building on the same foundation as the Lil' Pups Program, this 50-minute class will continue to stress safety, proper technique, discipline, good character, and fun! Our Big Pups will spend more time perfecting techniques and drilling them into their muscle memory. We will spend considerable time teaching and displaying proper character so they can avoid physical confrontation unless absolutely necessary. But most of all, they will develop a 'quiet confidence' that helps keep them from being pre-selected for bullying or becoming bullies themselves. 

community jiu-jitsu - every saturday @ noon

Required Uniform: Gi or No-Gi - your preference! 

Experience Level: No previous experience required - all levels are welcome!

Description: The goal of Community BJJ is to bring the local jiu-jitsu community together and expose new students to the effectiveness of this martial art. All are welcome regardless of school affiliation or experience level. We only ask that you bring a positive and humble attitude. Community BJJ occurs every Saturday at noon. If it's your first visit, please arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can sign the waiver and start class on time.

Basic Jiu-Jitsu - monday @ 7pm / tuesday @ 6:30pm / wednesday @ 7am / thursday @ 10am / Saturday @ noon

Required Uniform: Gi for night class. No-Gi for morning class. 

Experience Level: No previous experience required - all levels are welcome!

Description: This is the most important class we teach. We focus on the most essential self-defense techniques and drill them into your muscle memory until your reactions become instantaneous. 

intermediate jiu-jitsu - Monday @ 7am / Tuesday @ 10am / Thursday @ 6:30pm

Required Uniform: Gi for night class. No-Gi for morning class.

Experience Level: All Levels are welcome, but we encourage you to attend basic classes simultaneously or before entering this class. 

Description: This class builds upon the skills learned in the basic class. While the basic curriculum focuses on the most essential throws, escapes, and submissions, the intermediate curriculum teaches the student how to impose their will on an opponent. This skill set will give you the ability to not only defend yourself but others as well. We will spend considerable time in key positions like mount, side control, closed & open guard, half guard, and the back.

Advanced jiu-jitsu - Tuesday @ 7am / Thursday @ 7am / Friday at 6pm

Experience Level: All Levels are welcome, but we encourage you to either have some grappling experience or attend both the basic and intermediate classes before coming to the advanced sessions.

Description: The focus of this class shifts to sport specific training where we emphasize movement drills, technique repetition, positional training, and rolling. The training is fast paced and challenging. Come ready to work! 

GRAPPLING CIRCUIT / open mat - monday @ 8pm / Tuesday @ 11am & 7:30pm / Thursday @ 11am & 7:30pm / Friday @ 7pm / Saturday @ 1pm

Required Uniform: Same as the immediately preceding class. 

Experience Level: This is open to all experience levels, but we encourage you to either have some grappling experience or attend some of the basic, intermediate, and/or advanced classes first.

Description: This is a time to put your technique to the test. We team up with rotating training partners to wrestle in four, five, or six-minute rounds. 

Women's Self-Defense Seminar - next event is Wednesday, august 2nd from 7:30pm-9:30pm

Required Uniform: We encourage you to wear comfortable fitting gym clothes. You won't need a gi or kimono for this class.

Experience Level: No previous experience required - all levels are welcome!

Description: This introductory study in self-defense tailored specifically for women is offered as a 2-hour seminar on the first Wednesday of each month. The cost is $25 per person and is open to all experience and fitness levels. We highly encourage you to bring a friend or family member so you can continue to practice the techniques after the seminar is finished. Call / Email / Text w/ any questions! 

Intro to brazilian jiu-jitsu seminar - every monday night @ 7pm

Required Uniform: We require a gi (kimono) for this class. These are available at the gym!

Experience Level: No previous experience required - all levels are welcome!

Description: This 12-week, 12-class seminar offers students an introduction into the art of jiu-jitsu. We meet on Monday nights at 7pm to cover basic self-defense tactics through the use of throws, escapes, and submissions. Many will choose to pursue BJJ for years after taking this course. The rotating curriculum enables the student to start anytime and attend the next 12 classes for course completion. The cost is $150 for this program. 

Muay thai - Monday @ 6pm / tuesday @ 9am / wednesday @ 6pm / Thursday @ 9am

Required Uniform: Comfortable fitting shorts with a shirt or tank top. Gloves and shinguards are required and available for purchase at the gym. 

Experience Level: All Levels are welcome to the basic and intermediate classes! The advanced class is by invitation only.

Description: Muay Thai is a striking art predominately using fists, elbows, knees, and shins. It is very effective in self-defense situations and for getting a great workout. 



Private training



Private Training provides you with a unique opportunity to focus on exactly what you want - when you want. We can teach anything from basic self-defense tactics to advanced Muay Thai techniques. We offer one-on-one training as well as group classes at the same rate so you can split it with friends or family. We hold sessions both at our facility and off-site at your home or work. Call us at 978-905-6684 or email us at Nate@CollectiveBJJ.com to schedule your appointment today!




Age: 48

Hometown: Gloucester, MA

Occupation: Detective

Belt Rank: Blue

Favorite thing about BJJ: It has improved my physical strength, composure under stress, and confidence in dealing with dangerous people at work

How did you get started: I wanted to make my personal fitness relevant to fighting — something practical

Why is The Collective your home gym: Nate and Liam are excellent instructors who are committed to the sport and to the students. And they are tough!

Advice for someone looking to start: Try out the Collective — a great bunch of training partners. Friendly, competent people who could really hurt you … but won’t!


Age: 48

Hometown: Beverly, MA

Belt Rank: White - 1st Stripe

Occupation: Banker

How did you get started: I was looking for an alternative to cross-fit and the gym. When I saw a BJJ gym had opened locally, I knew there were no more excuses. 

Favorite thing about BJJ: The friendly competition. Rolling with the guys after my 1st class taught me more about myself in four minutes than any other activity I had ever engaged in.

Why is The Collective your home gym: The camaraderie. Working with the advanced belts has improved my skill level dramatically. They are always eager to assist with tips on proper technique. 

Advice for someone looking to start: Don't wait! Jiu Jitsu has changed my life. I wish I had found BJJ 20 years ago. Make a 60 minute investment in yourself...take the Saturday class and see firsthand how your life can change.


Age: 31

Hometown: Beverly, MA

Occupation: Creative Director

Belt Rank: White! (aka food for the colored belts)

How did you get started: Morbid curiosity and my lifelong love of roughhousing

Favorite thing about BJJ: I want to say assimilating techniques and chaining a game together, but truthfully I love the camaraderie. “Those who slay together stay together!” 

Why is The Collective your home gym: The Collective is my second home and the people I train with my family

Advice for someone looking to start: It is the single best decision I have ever made. This sport will change you for the better. Show up, hydrate, stay off YouTube, and keep with it. Someday it will all click.



Full Membership (unlimited classes) - $125 / month

Part-Time Membership (2 classes per week) - $95 / month

Active Duty Military / Police / Firefighters / Students - call for pricing

Kid's Classes (2 classes per week) - $75 / month for ages 4-6 ..... $85 / month for ages 7-9 ..... $95 / month for ages 10-14



Intro to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar (12 basic classes over 12 weeks) - $150 

10-Class Punch Card (one-year expiration) - $150 ($120 for full-time college students)

Drop-in Fee - $20 / visit



Private Training (on-site) - $75 / hour ... $299 / 5 hours ... $499 / 10 hours

Private Training (off-site, 2-hour minimum) - $100 / hour

contact US

address: 283 cabot street, beverly, massachusetts

email: Nate@collectivebjj.com

phone: 978-905-6684