Our coaches

NATE MORRISON - Head of our grappling program 

Lineage - Mitsuyo MaedaCarlos Gracie Sr. > Helio Gracie > Carlos Gracie Junior > Renzo Gracie > Travis Stevens > Nate Morrison 


Nate started his training under Jay Jack at The Academy in Portland, Maine. It was under Jay's tutelage that he learned the importance of having a complete jiu-jitsu repertoire. Nate caught the bug early and graduated from white to purple belt in a little over two years. After moving to Massachusetts, he trained at several different schools including Bernardo Faria BJJ Academy, North Shore BJJ, and Fuji Gym. While on the road, he trained with legends like Marcelo Garcia, Royce GracieRobert Drysdale, and John Danaher. Nate currently splits his time teaching and training both at The Collective and Fuji Gym w/ 3x Olympian Travis Stevens - a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and Olympic Silver Medalist in Judo.

PETER FONTAINE - Head of our Muay Thai Program


Born and raised in Beverly, Massachusetts, Peter has been an athlete and coach in some capacity all his life. He fell in love with MMA early on - especially the stand-up aspect. He started learning Muay Thai at Kru Mark DellaGrotte's Sityodtong gym in Somerville. Peter also trained at Dragon Within, North Shore Sityodyong with Kru Neil Legallo, boxing with Tommy McInerney (boxing coach for many Bruins players), and North Shore Muay Thai Academy with Kru Marc Meltzer. Peter started his coaching career at NSMTA training up-and-coming fighters. With the closing of this beloved school and the realization of his new passion of teaching, Peter is excited to continue teaching and training at Collective Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai. 


Certified Coaches


adam carullo - bjj purple belt 

Adam started training in 2009 at Boston BJJ where he reached the rank of blue belt under Roberto Maia. He eventually started training at Redline Fight Sports in order to incorporate Muay Thai and Sanda (Chinese Boxing) into his martial arts training. After a year of stand-up, he decided to focus his efforts solely on grappling and made his way to purple belt under Anderson Silverio and Carlos Neto. He eventually moved to the North Shore and trained with Liam McGeowen before finally settling in at Collective Jiu-Jitsu. He's excited to continue his martial arts journey here learning and teaching through our curriculum-based approach. 

johnny hurley - bjj blue belt

Johnny started training within the first few days of opening The Collective. He is first and foremost a musician playing both drums and piano, but he is known for his technical prowess on the mats and attention to detail. Even though he’s still a fresh blue belt, he’s showing promise as a solid jiu-jitsu practitioner for years to come.

Pete Athanasopoulos - Bjj blue belt

Pete began his jiu-jitsu journey in 2008 at Fenix BJJ with Ronaldo Campos. He competed as a white belt at many tournaments and did well at each, placing in the top three. In 2010, priorities and responsibilities changed and he had to take a few years off from training. In December 2015 he rekindled his love of the sport with Fenix BJJ and received his blue belt in November 2016. Being a Beverly native and local business owner, it was a great surprise to see Collective Jiu Jitsu open in Beverly. Having a curriculum-focused place to train close to home makes for a long and healthy jiu-jitsu career.

Aaron Chase - bjj Blue belt

Aaron is a talented singer-songwriter and guitarist with a passion for grappling and muay thai. He started training at The Collective within a few months of opening and has steadily progressed into a solid fighter. He recently completed his apprentice training and is now leading basic classes on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. 

Guest Coaches


andrew jacobs - bjj blue belt / judo black belt

Andrew Jacobs started judo in Eighth grade under Olympic coach Yoshisada Yonezuka after being introduced to martial arts through his brother and father.  During and after high school, Andrew trained judo, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu in New Jersey and NYC. He has won various tournaments in each discipline including several bronze medals in SR world cups in judo, numerous state and national championship medals and achieved #1 national ranking in his respective weight class. 

Andrew has also won first in district, county and regional championships in high school wrestling, several Grapplers Quest and Naga gi and advanced no-gi divisions. 

Andrew now trains under Olympic coach Jimmy Pedro and Jim Pedro Sr. whilst continuing his BJJ training under Travis Stevens.  Andrew spreads his love of grappling and martial arts through coaching at St. Johns Prep and at The Collective - all the while training full-time with aspirations to qualify for the Olympic Judo Team.

chris martin - bjj brown belt

Chris started training in 2009 under Vince Guy in Vermont where he received the rank of purple belt. From there, he moved to Minnesota in 2013 and trained under Marcelo Nuñes at The Cellar where he received his brown belt. Since then he has traveled around training at Dave Jacobs Academy in Virginia, Fenix BJJ in Woburn, The Collective in Beverly, and Fuji Gym in Wakefield. Nowadays, Chris splits his time between The Collective and Fuji Gym. He is an excellent jiu-jitsu fighter both on his feet and on the ground. He is a kind and patient teacher who invests into everyone he encounters. He’s known as the ‘somewhat gentle giant’ around here. 

Alumni Coaches


thallis ecard - BJJ Purple belt 

Thallis started training jiu-jitsu in 2003 under the legendary Charles "Cobrinha" Rubens, where he earned his blue belt. During that time, he shared the mats with Michael Langhi and many other great fighters. Cobrinha decided to move to Sao Paulo three years later and Thallis transferred to Mauro Pacifico's Bushido Team under Daniel Nonato, a jiu-jitsu and judo black belt. Thallis spent his time competing and creating a free children's BJJ project where all kids had access to jiu-jitsu. Daniel awarded Thallis his purple belt. Since moving to the US, he found The Collective and immediately felt at home. But the draw of warmer weather has brought him to sunny Florida. We hope to see you on the mats down there or back here soon!